Surf guides and chef positions are available beginning in June 2014!

Join Us in Paradise

In addition to being able to perform the specific duties of the job, our ideal candidates will be able to live communally in a beautiful beach town that may not have all the comforts of home. We don’t have cable TV, (we do finally have internet though), the nearest “supermarket” is 45 minutes away, and things just take longer to get done around here–everyone runs on Nica time! Sometimes the power goes out, and we don’t have hot water here, not that you’ll miss it in the tropics! We do have a cell phone tower within eye shot, so keeping in touch with the people back home is easy.

A knowledge of Spanish and the ability to drive stick (bring your driver’s license!!) is a plus. We usually hire staff for skills beyond those in the job descriptions. Any of the following will give you a competitive edge. Mechanic (marine),photographer (Surf with water housing), marketing, web design (WordPress), SEO/Social Media consultant, ronin samurai, yoga instructor, plumber/electrician/handy-man/building contractor, trained chef.

These are the volunteer positions for which we are accepting resumes:

  • CHEF

    The GFS camp chef is responsible for preparing 5 delicious dinners per week as well and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday, for a total of 8 meals per week. At times you may be cooking for up to 20 people.

    The chef is also responsible for menu planning and helping to create shopping lists for supply runs into town twice a week. You will have dishwashers helping you and most of your days (except for Sunday) will be free for surfing, reading, or doing whatever you want. You may be requested to go on supply runs, guest pickup run, and perform miscellaneous duties around camp when necessary.

    The chef generally has 2 fulls days off per week.


    We offer full room and board, an even share in tips, and the chance to surf some killer Nica waves.


    The GFS surf guides are first and foremost responsible for making sure the guests have a safe and fun time during their surf sessions.

    Additionally, our guides are responsible for preparing coffee and cold breakfasts for dawn patrols, taking the guests out on up to 3 surf sessions daily, boat maintenance and captaining, lifting a 70-pound anchor, preparing simple meals for the nighttime boat caretaker, and various other tasks around camp. As a surf guide, you may be asked to give surf lessons and lead fishing excursions on occasion.

    You’ll also be required to entertain guests in the evenings and down time between surf sessions, and if the waves should die out, you may be required to take initiative and plan non surf-related activities. You may also be required to assist on supply runs or guest pick-up runs.

    Generally speaking, when we have guests, a surf guide will get every third day off.

    Think GFS is for you? Send us your resume!!
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