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  • When is Rainy Season in Nicaragua?

    [caption id="attachment_1046" align="aligncenter" width="1046"]Gigante Bay | Rainy Season in Nicaragua | Giants Foot Surf Tours | Photo: Julia Read Gigante Bay during Rainy Season. View from the top of the Giants Foot hike.  Photo Credit: Julia Read[/caption] After the recent downpour I think it’s official, rainy season in Nicaragua is here. There are two seasons in Nicaragua. Dry season, from December to April and rainy season, from May to November. October is typically the wettest month. However, the line between rainy and dry season has become more blurred recently. Nicaragua’s rainy seasons the last few years have become unpredictable, with a lack of rain. This is not ideal for Nicaragua, since the country relies on agriculture as an export and a food source. Typically, the dry and rainy seasons have corresponded with the high and low seasons for Nicaragua tourism. However, with recent growth in tourism in Nicaragua there continues to be a steady stream of visitors coming through Gigante during the rainy or low season. With special promotions, such as Giants Foot Surf Tour’s Shackedtober Special in October (where our packages reach their lowest prices of the year), we have a number of guests booked during the rainy or low season.  

    Reasons Why I Love Rainy Season in Nicaragua:


    Vibe: People are Happy about the Rain!

    Water has been in short supply and there has been a general lack of rain in Gigante, Nicaragua for the last few rainy seasons. As a result, everyone here was stoked on the rain. Considering the drought that has been plaguing this area of Nicaragua, and many parts of the world, it is interesting to see how the vibe visibly changed when the rain arrived. For example, I saw a man celebrate when he stepped in a puddle. He smiled and hopped into it again, reminding me of how I felt as a child jumping in puddles with my big yellow rubber boots. I come from the notoriously wet coast of British Columbia, Canada. For me, there are times of the year when rain is an everyday occurrence. People were surprised when I ventured out into the rain. This is because when the downpour happens here, everything seems to stop. People generally stay where they are and watch the rain come down. It is an excuse to chill out and enjoy nature.  

    Atmosphere: It’s Cooler and Greener Green Rainy Season in Nicaragua | Giants Foot Surf Tours

    After the rain, the scenery was visibly greener with a noticeable freshness in the air. The cooling effect of rain is nice. I have been hot for the past month and although the sunshine is great, I appreciate it when the temperature cools off. With the rain, comes a break from the heat. If you like the sun and heat don’t worry, there is still plenty of that during rainy season. Nicaragua’s tropical rainfall is brief and intense, there will be a downpour and once it’s over the sky clears up and the sun comes back out.  

    Surf: Less Crowded but still Pumping

    The forecast for waves is looking good this October with consistent medium to large southern swells coming through for most of the month.  In comparison to other places in the world where the surf is notoriously crowded, Nicaragua in general has less crowded breaks throughout the year. You will notice more people in the water during the dry or high season, since there are more surf travellers in town. During rainy or low season, you will be able to enjoy both great waves and less crowded breaks. [caption id="attachment_1048" align="aligncenter" width="1202"]Playa Colorados | Rainy Season in Nicaragua | Photo: Jake Zlotnick Empty Line-up at Playa Colorados this Rainy Season in Nicaragua. Photo Credit: Jake Zlotnick[/caption]

    Price: Rainy Season in Nicaragua means Lower Prices

    In order to attract more travellers during this time of year, many places offer rainy season packages, discounts or promotions. As I mentioned earlier, at Giants Foot Surf we offer a Shackedtober Special in October where our all-inclusive surf packages reach an all time low for the season. Airlines are also known to raise their prices during peak travel times, so take advantage of cheaper flights and accommodations and plan your trip during Rainy Season in Nicaragua.
    by Julia Read at 2015-10-12 20:03:34
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