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  • The lake effect of southern Nicaragua is surely one of the largest advantages to surfing in this region of Central America. With consistent swell, these strong off-shore winds groom the surf all day long, giving you the ability to surf multiple sessions and choose ideal tides without being compromised by afternoon on-shores. The Lake effect is caused by extremely strong winds coming from the Caribbean being funneled between the land north and south of Lake Nicaragua and directly toward the Pacific. These trusty off-shores have blessed southern Nicaragua with a massive advantage when it comes to surf.  Thanks to the lake effect we are able to focus on which spot to hit and at what tide versus constantly worrying about onshore winds.  If you miss the dawn patrol or mid morning session luckily in southern Nicaragua the wind will stay offshore all afternoon and into the evening so you can catch up later in the day. If you want to rip perfectly groomed wave faces and stand in non-crumbling barrels the south of Nicaragua is for you!!! nicaragua
    by Ryan Jansen at 2015-07-23 13:36:52
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  • Hey guys, Im Ryan the new social media and marketing volunteer here at Giants Foot Surf. I arrived 2 weeks ago and time has been flying by while i surf all day and enjoy the unique little community here in Playa Gigante.  The wild drive from the Managua Airport dodging pedestrians, cattle and all sorts…
    by Ryan Jansen at 2015-07-20 16:05:48
  • Playa Colorado is by far one of the most famous spots in Nicaragua and rightly so. The name itself conjures images of deep cavernous Nicaraguan barrels and broken boards. This beast of a wave breaks over a shallow sandbar, left and right, depending on the condition of the sandbar. To really score it the river…
    by Y@DminG at 2015-04-30 17:00:15
  • The guys are coming this week! We have a group of more than 5 time returning guests! Hoping to get some solid swell within the next few days because these guys are dead serious about surfing. We're sure to be surfed out by the end of the week. Vale is definitely going to get a…
    by Y@DminG at 2015-04-24 15:30:45
  • It’s finally here! The beginning of our 2015 season has arrived! The last few weeks have been busy to say the least but hard work pays off and we’re stoked on the adventures to come! Our head surf guide Conrad is currently putting the final touches Vale La Pena (our boat) and we’re sure she’ll…
    by Y@DminG at 2015-03-12 21:42:57
  • GFS is looking for a Social Media and Marketing Intern for the 2015 season! If you or someone you know has the chops and wants to spend a few months living on the beach and getting barreled, contact us at
    by Y@DminG at 2015-01-27 15:32:58
  • I know, life is pretty rough for us down here. But our short break of over-rich american food, TV shows about famous people whose soul source of fame is that one same show, and explaining to family that ebola isn't a 'thing' in Nicaragua has come to an end. Things have been pretty flat and…
    by Y@DminG at 2015-01-06 16:10:10
  • by Y@DminG at 2014-09-08 15:28:38
  • Ok. That's a lie. We can't promise that. But... There's a lot you can learn from video review. Ever wonder why your frontside turns just aren't making tight arcs like the pros? Look at your arm placement. Now look at the pros. See the difference? You get the point. In addition to video review, our…
    by Y@DminG at 2014-08-28 15:10:38
  • [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"]This is our house manager, Dan, lazy-larry'ing it through an end section at Playa Santana while our former guest Cody cheers him on. Go Dan! #surfnicaragua #traveltuesday #tt #valelapena[/caption]
    by Y@DminG at 2014-08-19 18:13:38
  • This is our head surf guide, Conrad, getting some of that internet money!
    by Y@DminG at 2014-08-14 21:47:03

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