Giant’s Foot Surf Nicaragua was founded in 2004 with the vision of offering a one-of-a-kind surf vacation experience found nowhere else in Nicaragua. One that makes our guest feel at home, and makes us feel like our guests are more like our friends than our clients while still providing a high level of service. Our team has really made this dream a reality. When you come to stay with us we are your friendly hosts, knowledgeable surf buddies, and hard working staff all rolled into one. Read our individual bios below.



The Giant’s Foot Surf Team

Bryce Kuklok – Camp Manager


My name is Bryce, and I studied International Relations and Political Science at UC Davis. I drifted around Nicaragua for a year, trying to decide where I should spend my twilight years and came across Gigante, Nicaragua.

After falling in love with the town, a deep depression set in due to the fact that it already had an awesome surf camp; Giant’s Foot Surf. When I was on the brink of giving up and moving to less paradise-like environs, the staff of GFS opened their loving arms to me, and welcomed me home.

I now spend my days maintaining pipes, maintaining air conditioners, maintaining the roof, maintaining engines, (you probably get the idea by now) and when time permits, surfing.

El iguano, aka wave whisperer, aka oracle, aka conrad, aka tortuga, aka el capitan, aka Rad, this is my 5th season here at GFS and 4th as head surf guide. That’s over 2000 surf sessions, fishing and spearfishing trips in this area.

Whatever size, shape or color wave you want I will find it (conditions permitting). I’ve been in Central America for over 10 years. I worked as a guide and boat captain in Panama prior to Nicaragua doing surf and fishing charters and also in Indonesia for 2 years doing the same.

I’ve settled down here in Nicaragua, it is a unique place with a variety of wave sizes and conditions available everyday and the winds are always offshore. I look forward to showing you around this special place!

Conrad Kozlowski-Noguera – House Manager


Kevin Huang – Surf Photographer and Surf Guide

Kevin Huang | Surf Photographer | Giants Foot Surf

Hi, my name is Kevin Huang and I’m Giant Foot Surf’s staff photographer. I’m originally from New York City, but I moved to Southern California for college and I’ve been there chasing swell ever since. After 7 years, and one of the most epic runs of swell (thank you El Nino) I’ve ever seen, I decided to trade my wetsuit for boardshorts and moved to Nicaragua.

My main motivation for pursuing photography is to inspire people to venture out and see the places they’ve only dreamed about. Nicaragua is such an amazing place to shoot from because the waves here are not only incredibly beautiful, but unbelievably consistent. If you come here, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll score… and I’ll be the one capturing your best waves on film.

You can see my work on Giants Foot Surf Tour’s Instagram and my Website.

Hola Muchachos y Muchachas! My name is Paul and I’ll be the reason you find yourself on our Instagram page, doing a handstand in a barrel at Colorados – all naked of course. This is a little view into what my job is here.

After finishing high school I left my home country Germany because there are just no waves to score there. The trail took me to beautiful Playa Gigante and I got lucky that the Giants Foot Surf Camp warmly welcomed me aboard to run their social media.

Now I do the surf reports, feed the insatiable social media sphere, and when I can, surf sessions with our guests. To see what we’ve been doing at Giant’s Foot, check our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Paul Louis – Social Media and Marketing

Surfing Amarillos


Carter Ball – Head Surf Guide


Hey, I am Carter from California and it’s my first season at Giants Foot Surf Tours as the Head Surf Guide. I’m tired of crowds, cold water and traffic back in the Golden State and I made the call to move to Nicaragua in 2010. I’ve worked for surf tour providers ever since. Offshore winds, boardshorts and world class uncrowded waves year after year have upheld my decision. Not to mention the laidback Nicaraguan lifestyle all our guests love.

Whether you’re a beginner or a charger I will find you the wave you want and give you advice on how to improve your pop-up, your backside barrel riding or whatever it is you need to work on. I’ll be by your side in the lineup and at our base camp to make sure you have a good time. I’m looking forward to guiding you in the waves and to giving you an understanding of the Nicaraguan way of life of enjoyment.

Let’s go surfing, Broski!

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