Surfing Southern Nicaragua

World-class waves without world-class crowds

We know the best tides and conditions for each spot so you get to surf the best waves around, every session.

Southern Nicaragua has a large wave selection best experienced with minimal distractions, and even fewer people. With GFS’s beach-front location and experienced surf team, we’ve mastered how to experience maximum fun with minimal crowds.

Surfing the Rivas province of Nicaragua is our specialty. When you ride with GFS you are in for unlimited boat trips to over 14 different breaks, and our guides know the best tide and swell conditions for all of them.

Waves for Every Season


Southern Nicaragua is perhaps the only place in the world where virtually year-round off-shore winds and a wide swell window combine to produce consistently good waves – Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Waves for Every Skill Level


We’ve got world class beach breaks minutes from our lodge, a great left point break around the corner and a huge left outer reef to test your courage.

Beginner breaks are also close by for those with less experience.


The Season

Nicaragua is exposed to pretty much all southern swells, which guarantees a lot of waves throughout much of the year.

There is a considerable increase in the power and frequency of swells starting in April, which corresponds to the wet season and the slackening of the offshore winds.

Beginning in May or June through October we get tropical showers several times a week.

In late September or October the rains pick up a bit for a few weeks which is the warning that the wet season is nearly finished.

The “Lake Effect”

Lake Nicaragua provides a geographically smooth passage for the north easterly trade winds to pass through the Central American Isthmus. This results in consistent offshore wind along the pacific coast of the lake region.

Like the trades, the offshores intensify going into winter and moderate going into summer.


GFS’ Schedule

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Boat Tours     x x x x x x x x x x
Beginners/Intermediate x x x x x x* x* x* x* x x x

* Some days of swell too large for absolute beginners can be expected during these months

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