One more month!

The southern Nicaragua surfing season starts in just one month! We are anxiously waiting for the southern swell to start building and these gusty winds to chill out a bit. It’s always tricky to predict, but my gut instinct having been in Nicaragua for six years now is that we are going to be in for another mid to light rainy season with good wind conditions for when the swell gets here.  Fingers crossed.

At the moment we have gusty winds with knee to waist high waves good for learning on; classic February. There’s a reason we don’t do boat tours this time of year. It’s your surfing vacation and we want to make sure you have the best time possible.

Also, just as a little reminder to everyone, our Early Season Special is just a month away.  That means for one week and one week only from March 23rd (except when we do the season closer special, but ‘shhhh’) You get our regular all-inclusive Boat Surf tour for a steal at $900 per person.  If you are travelling solo, that is $600 off.  Limited slots are available, so it’s first come first served. Click here to inquire.