The south swell has started coming in

The first real glimpse of the southern swell has come right on schedule. We always tell people that it turns up around the first week of March, and 2014 kept us to our word. We’ve had two days of head high sets pounding into Amarillo. It has been the early season, immature swell that makes for sets that are a little closer together than they are later in the season and isn’t predictable enough to quite be worth putting the boat in the water. For those of us that live here it is fun and makes for a nice surprise.

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Amazing professional photography, huh? It’s from my phone, people! Don’t judge. The next big swell coming in is dead lined up for our Early Season Special coming in at 5 to 6 ft. swell in two weeks.  So it’s been pumping and the next big swell couldn’t be better for the $900 smokin’ deal. We make the Early Season special cheap because it is a bit of a gamble for the swell that early, but it’s looking like it’s a gamble that is going to pay off. We’re pumped and can’t wait to get out there in the boat.

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