Surf Report for late March – Nicaragua

It looks like the swell we had been waiting for decided to hold off for a few days, and rather than getting here on Saturday, it is looking like that over head high waves are going to hold off until Tuesday. Though some folk around here aren’t super stoked on that it is all for the better because the wind is pretty gusty today. We are in that goofy little window where the gusty winds of February still try to pop in, but the consistent swell of April is starting to show up here and there. Down at Amarillo the waves have been waist to shoulder high. Sets are pretty consistent without tons of paddling around for no good reason.

Another reason that I am stoked that the swell is holding of until Tuesday is that, duh-duh-duh-DUUUH! We just put the finishing touches on Vale la Pena and are rolling her into the water tomorrow.

Our boat is ready for surf tours of Nicaragua in 2014

So that means the big roll out is tomorrow, and it looks like we are going to break away from tradition and actually push the boat into the water when there aren’t huge waves rolling into the bay. (As a side note to whatever gods are in charge of said huge waves, I am in no way rubbing this in your face)

Also, our fancy new house manager Dan has arrived! Now that everyone is here I will be sure to sit them down and scratch up fresh new bios to poke fun at their eccentricities. I snapped a picture of him earlier but it was blurry and terrible. Check out our Instagram later and I will be sure to get a fresh picture up around dinner time.

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