First Week in Nicaragua!

Hey guys, Im Ryan the new social media and marketing volunteer here at Giants Foot Surf. I arrived 2 weeks ago and time has been flying by while i surf all day and enjoy the unique little community here in Playa Gigante.  The wild drive from the Managua Airport dodging pedestrians, cattle and all sorts of vehicles was entertaining to say the least. After arriving at Giants Foot I was able to immediately get out on the boat and start to sample some of the amazing spots within close vicinity of the camp. In the first week I was able to join the guests and the guides on the boat and see Playa Amarillo, Playa Hermosa, Panga Drops, Playa Colorado, Lance’s Left, and Rancho Santana! Only a sample of all of the variety that exists on this stretch of coastline. After each session we would return home to an amazing home-cooked meal and hang out in the inviting hammocks with a cold cerveza while we recover and refuel for more surf.



Needless to say my first week in Nicaragua has been amazing and I can’t wait to surf more spots and meet more cool guests.

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