The Lake Effect of Southern Nicaragua

The lake effect of southern Nicaragua is surely one of the largest advantages to surfing in this region of Central America. With consistent swell, these strong off-shore winds groom the surf all day long, giving you the ability to surf multiple sessions and choose ideal tides without being compromised by afternoon on-shores. The Lake effect is caused by extremely strong winds coming from the Caribbean being funneled between the land north and south of Lake Nicaragua and directly toward the Pacific. These trusty off-shores have blessed southern Nicaragua with a massive advantage when it comes to surf.  Thanks to the lake effect we are able to focus on which spot to hit and at what tide versus constantly worrying about onshore winds.  If you miss the dawn patrol or mid morning session luckily in southern Nicaragua the wind will stay offshore all afternoon and into the evening so you can catch up later in the day. If you want to rip perfectly groomed wave faces and stand in non-crumbling barrels the south of Nicaragua is for you!!!


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