First week in Nica

Hey guys, my names Will and I recently started working at Giants Foot Surf as the social media and marketing intern. I got to Playa Gigante last Friday and it has been a blast! The scenery in Nicaragua is amazing with beaches and mountains littered all over the coast. Coming from Florida in the summer where the waves are mostly flat, I was stoked to finally see some overhead sets coming in the last week. Colorados and Pangas are definitely my two favorite surf spots here. The conditions here make for good waves almost every day and the guests love it. A group of surfers from Cape May, New Jersey arrived this week and they can rip! It’s been fun taking the boat out with them to a bunch of different spots and seeing the excitement in their eyes when we anchor the boat and paddle out.

Cold beer and good food is always waiting at the camp after a session which always pleases the guests. Surfing isn’t the only thing that you can do at Giants Foot. Fishing and hiking is also pretty popular here. There are tons of different trails and peaks through the jungle that offer breathtaking views of Nicaragua. The fishing is also world class here, so grab a pole or a spear in your free time! There’s always something to do at Giants Foot Surf! It’s been a great first week down here and I am excited to see what the next couple weeks have in store!


Hope you have a good Friday and a good weekend!

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