Last weekend in August

The swell has arrived and the waves are looking great for the weekend. All the reports are showing 4-6 FT waves with plus size sets always rolling through for the next couple of days. The wind will be offshore (like always) and the surf is going to be perfect. Our last group of guests from New Jersey, USA, enjoyed their stay at Giant’s Foot and took off back to the states on Wednesday. They surfed numerous breaks all up and down the coast including Colorado, Santana, Panga Drops, Amarillo and more. The beginners who are still here are definitely enjoying their time as well and are getting better every day. South Amarillo is a perfect beach for any new surfer to work on their technique and style.

This weekend there will be a huge festival in Playa Gigante that will certainly be action packed. The Full Moon Party that happens every year attracts locals and tourists from all over and the beach is full of thousands of people. Between the festival and the swell, there should be plenty to do this weekend! Nicaragua is definitely a place I recommend every surfer to visit and the end of August in Nicaragua has lots to offer.

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