Best places to surf in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers tons of great breaks up and down the coast for both beginners, intermediate and experienced surfers.  At Giants Foot Surf Tours, our boat gives us access to over 14 of the best places to surf in Nicaragua.  There are numerous spots that we enjoy taking the guests and there are a few that really stick out to us. Our boat tours are specifically designed to find the best waves of the day and bring our guests to those spots.  Below is a map that shows GFS’s beachfront location in Gigante and the numerous Nicaragua surf breaks, from Playgrounds to Yanqui, that our surf boat tours will take you.

Nicaragua Surf Break Map | Best places to surf in Nicaragua | Giants Foot Surf Tours

The “Rainy Season” which typically runs from May – November is the best time to get down to Nicaragua. September has just begun here and the waves have been firing and only look to get better. It has been an amazing last three weeks and the swell is here to stay. The reefs and rocky points have awakened during this time and everyone who surfs hops on it when the sun comes up. There’s a constant flow of swell throughout the next couple months and our favorite breaks have been on point.

Playa Colorado

Playa Colorado which can be seen just north of Giant’s Foot Surf in Gigante Bay.  Its perfect sandbars and offshore winds create a great wave for almost any tide.  With a constant barrelling wave, you can find both lefts and rights constantly. The swell is usually always 3 feet or bigger and it is the perfect place to perfect your surfing or charge a big barrel.

Colorado’s has private beach access for those staying in Hacienda Iguana but it can also be accessed from Gigante by foot or boat.  Playa Colorado attracts surfers from all over Nicaragua and everyone constantly has an eye on it.  As a result, this break can attract crowds when the swell turns on but you will likely score one of the best barrels of your life here!

Break Bio: Playa, Colorado

Panga Drops

Just north on the same beach as Playa, Colorado is another spot called Panga Drops. Located next to a rocky point, Pangas always has large sets coming out of nowhere.  The wave is formed by a deep-water reef creating both lefts and rights.

It got its name years back after a “Panga” which is the local term for a small engine boat got demolished by a big wave after it was caught on the inside of the break.  Getting caught on the inside of a big set at Panga’s can be tough.  Many opt to go to shore and walk down the beach to paddle out beside these large sets back into the line up.

Panga’s offers something for most skill levels and depending on conditions it can be a great long boarding wave.  On some days, it is definitely a place for more experienced surfers but Panga’s still offers days where it can be good for beginners and intermediates. On the plus side, Panga’s never gets crowded due to the size and shiftyness of the wave.

Lance’s Left

Lance’s Left is another great break that is a short boat ride away from Giant’s Foot. The long time secret left is now known all over Nicaragua but is still less crowded than most other breaks due to the limited access of the beach. The break is off a rocky coast which protects the wave from strong winds. It is usually best when the swell is big and the rides are always long ones. You can ride a left almost all the way down the beach and practice your form and skill the whole way. It truly is a dreamy left break and is one of our top spots to bring guests. The wave has a nice shoulder and is also very fast.

Playa Santana

Santana’s is a stretch of beach that runs a little over a kilometer with various A-frames.  This beach break has numerous fun and wedgy peaks. Depending on swell size it ranges from small and punchy to big and barreling.  This spot is known for it’s wave consistency and quality.  This is not the only thing Santana’s is known for, it is one of Nicaragua’s more crowded breaks and has some aggressive locals.  Santana works best at mid to high tide and will keep you stoked until mid tide on it’s way out.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is just South of San Juan Del Sur.  Until recently Hermosa was only accessible by boat.  As a result, this break is less crowded and you can often arrive to find an empty line up.  The quality of the waves here is great and ranges from fun peaks to the occasional barrel.  The wave here can be slightly inconsistent and requires a larger swell to break.  When it’s working we love this break because it offers something fun for every skill level.

All of these spots are favorites here at Giant’s Foot and we make sure the guests get to the right break at the right time. Boat trips offer quick routes to these beaches and the scenery on the way is amazing. If you want to check out the best places to surf in Nicaragua, these breaks should make your list!

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