Bring on the Swell!


The staff here at GFS have been busy working very hard this month. Taking guests to the ultimate breaks and surfing our brains out can be quite tiring, but also very rewarding. There’s nothing else we’d rather do!

We’re just wrapping up Semana Santa here in Gigante Bay. Semana Santa is ‘Holy Week’ for the people of Nicaragua, and by ‘Holy Week’ they really mean ‘Chill On the Beach and Drink All the Toña You Can Drink Until We’re Doing Backflips Off of the GFS Panga Boat Week’. The beaches, breaks, and streets get pretty crowded, which is not typically the norm for Gigante, but it’s been amazing getting to experience the culture of the Nica people this week alongside a full house of guests!

Conrad after spearfishing. Completely in his happy place.

Conrad after spearfishing. Completely in his happy place.

Aside from Semana Santa, this week has been one of the smallest weeks of swell we’ve seen since the season kicked off. It’s about waist high for the week, but we’re not stressing it! Magic Seaweed is calling for some insane overhead swell this coming Tuesday, and after nonstop surfing for about a month straight this little lull we’re having now has been a nice breather. It’s given us a chance to do other things, like hike to the top of the Giant’s Foot, get some good fishing in, and go adventuring around this beautiful beach.


Manzanillo from the top of the Giant's Foot.

Manzanillo from the top of the Giant’s Foot.




The season is really starting to pick up and we’re getting super excited! After a nice little break we’re ready for the Pacific to Bring on the Swell!


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