Semanas suaves after Semana Santa

“The flattest week in decades” is even the nicest description for what we have experienced this week. I mean flat in Nicaragua still turns out to be at least chest high surf and some fun little barrels but maaan you don’t see this a lot around here. A week without head high surf, you kiddin me Nicaragua? No actually i’m kiddin now, but you become kinda spoiled with swell after swell hittin the coast. Especially in this time of the year.

All jokes aside we had a great week. A bunch of beginners from Canada and USA brought along some good vibes. Smooth and clean waves allowed those guys to take their first green ones. It caught us by surprise how friendly the ocean can be, bringing us the perfect conditions for a week of nice people getting stoked like they have never been before. Topped off with loads of fresh fish caught by Conrad we look back to a fantastic first week of April. Even though Parker and Chelsea as part of the GFS team had to leave us as their vacation came to an end. Miss you guys!

Until next week you surf gurus and wave warriors!

PS next swell is on its way and the boat ready for action 😉

written by Paul

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