6 Lame Excuses That Hinder You From Surfing With Us And Why They're Totally Lame

1. “I can’t leave my child and partner at home alone, they need me and i need them!”
… You serious? They won’t see you anyways, no matter if you’re working or surfing. So pack your shit, take your surf partner and book your package at Giants Foot. Call your parents for baby sitting in case your surf partner is your wife or husband, what is rumored to happen at times.
2. “My boss will hate me if i take vacation now”
…Your boss has hated you from the first second so don’t be naive.
3. “I’m not in shape right now”
…Yeah maybe, but you will never be if you don’t paddle out finally!!
4. “The waves never play into my cards when i go on a surf trip”
…We are in Nicaragua. That means solid swells the whole season and offshore winds all year. Any more questions?
5. “None of my friends have time and i dont wanna go alone”
…Really? So you need the same people and same annoyances everytime? Try something new again! We will be your new friends and there is so many nice people to meet here, don’t miss the chance to escape from everything for some days.
6. “I can surf at home, so why all the stress?”
…Okay i will press every button now.. F&@:6CKING BOATTRIPS DUDE!!! You will get so many good waves here that you will forget your own name man, so again, pack your shit and book your flight! It’s a shame that i even have to tell you..

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