Be Smart, Be Like Bruce

Remember that 6 lame excuses excuses stuff i wrote about the other week? I hope you take that seriously and i see you here next week! Because swell is picking up, surf seems to be pumping all week. We even made that last minute may special for you to get you out of the wetsuit and into your boardshorts. What more motivation do you need?

Maybe i should have let these 4 canadian guys write this talk here after staying with us last week. They would give you tons of reasons why Nicaragua is just an awesome place for surfing. They freakin loved it. Empty firing Manzanillo speaks for itself though. But back to topic. Prices are epic, swell picks up and we still have a bit of space. So be smart, be like the Canadian guys last week or the captain from Washington State and his daughter or anyone else who was at our surf camp last week. Be like them. Come surf with us and score pumping surf with awesome people the next weeks. It looks promising you don’t wanna miss that 😉

PS Bruce Irons scores barrels at the surf spots around, sooo be like Bruce and score the swell with us!

written by paul

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