A Day at Giants Foot Surf Tours

For those of you who wondered what a day at GFS could look like. Let me tell you a story from last week…

Your day probably starts really early, around 5 am. Why? You know, sometimes the tide and the swell is just perfect at that time and also you will hardly ever share a lineup with anyone for dawn patrol. No worries we wake you up softly, there will be coffee, bananas and cereals, some nice silent music to get you in the surfing mood. So all you have to do is have your little early morning snack, put on boardshorts, sunscreen and wait for the boat to pick you up. Armando our captain is already on the boat at that time, preparing everything. When you finally see the waves, you know why we doin all this. Because its freakin worth it!! And believe me, you dont wanna be the guy sittin there having breakfast after sleepin in, when the others come back and talk about empty perfect barrels they just scored..

Back from the dawn patrol surf session, there will be breakfast. Good breakfast and loads of it. Enjoying the comida, talks already startin about where to go next and how its gonna be. All pumped and empowered by the breakfast you probably gonna go out an hour later to surf again. Good waves, no big crowds, daily business for us. And then there will be lunch for you, daily business for the ladies here at GFS and they know their business damn well! So come back from the boat, have a little shower in our yard and enjoy some reallllyyy good food in our nice comida area. Well deserved!

Alright, so whats next? Right, Surfing!! no just kidding, you probably wanna hang out and relax a little bit. The hammocks are super comfy and invite for an oceanfront power nap with the sound of the waves slowly making you fall asleep.

A “We are going to Manzanillo, you comin?” will wake you up from your kinda looong power nap and now its up to you! Go hard and have another session, even if the arms are heavy now, or just go golfing with the other surfed out part of the crew. However you decide, the afternoon is gonna be awesome anyways, you just have to choose in which way. And know what? When you come back, there will be dinner. We know what you need after an active day, so get excited for super tasty dinner and desert! And after that? Well, there is open mic night at the bar next door, so get your buddies, get the guitar, go over and have a jam session. And some Rum and Coke maybe. But not too much, swell looks good for tomorrow and Manzanillo will be surfed for dawn patrol.

So now that all questions are answered, come surf with us..

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