The highlight of 2016 – Surfing at Giant's Foot Bay

Shot By @Nicasurfshots

Shot By @Nicasurfshots

Hi Giants Foot followers,


I am fairly new to this expat community in which Playa Gigante has thrived from, so I wanted to get the insiders scoop on the big swell season. I went ahead and interviewed a special person who has been coming to this town, at the end of the road, for the last decade about the high light of 2016, surfing Giant’s Foot bay.


Hi Derek, it is lovely meeting you and thank you for taking the time to speak with me. So, tell me, how long has it been since you first came to Playa Gigante?


I fell in love with Nicaragua when I first came here in 2007


And in those 10 years, have you ever experienced a swell like the one on June and July of 2016?


Before moving here, I would only come down for a week or two at a time. So I’m not here for every swell that comes through and though I have been here for a few big ones, I am sure there have been swells similar to this one but for me, it was one of the biggest I have seen here.


What was your initial reaction when you the saw the wave breaking on the North end point of Playa Gigante?


I was actually paddling out to surf the left that breaks off the other side of the point. The left is a bigger but fatter wave, but the right is much more hollow and shallow. I remember seeing a good size set come through and seeing the right do what I have heard it’s capable of, and it grabbed my attention immediately.


Okay, okay, be honest with me for a second, did fear ever kick in?


This wave is known to be one of the more dangerous in the area so it had me thinking a lot. It also rarely breaks so I knew I had to either give it a go or wait at least another year for it. That made me a bit anxious haha.


The image below is Derek on one of the largest waves of the set, taken by @NicaSurfShots

Shot by @NicaSurfShots

Shot by @NicaSurfShots


Did you feel prepared going in the water?


I’d say I was physically prepared but I didn’t become mentally committed until I caught a few and took a few spills. I also hit the rock pretty good too which shook out a bit of the nerves ironically. I never fully got comfortable out there, that’s for sure.


I hear that the best surfer is the one having the most fun, what are your thoughts on this?


I think we all started because we have fun out there. I mean.. how can anyone have a bad attitude doing something they love?


So, now that you have lived a consecutive two year here, what are your thoughts on beginners and intermediate surfers flying down here and surfing their brains out?


Come on down! It’s a relatively easy destination to get to in order to surf world class waves with potentially no one else out. But let me tell ya, if you do see another surfer out there, try and keep a good attitude


Well, there you have it folks. Straight from the horses mouth. COME ONE DOWN! No matter what skill level you have, Giant’s Foot will guide you properly on when the time of the year is most fit for you!

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