Surfing the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

Surfing Pacific Coast of Nicaragua Breaks Part 1:

Over the last few months I have been blessed to spend my time in the great country of Nicaragua. More precisely on the Pacific Coast in a small fishing community of Playa Gigante. The focus of my exploration has been mostly learning and exploring the many surf breaks in this area. My first stop was Colorados.

This is one of Nicaragua’s most famous surf breaks. Most surfer despite where they reside have probably heard of it.  This beach break rightfully deserves all the recognition it has received.  If you are fortunate enough to stay at Giants Foot Surf Tours, located in Playa Gigante, this world renown break is a mere 10 minute boat ride from their back door.  

It  becomes clear real quickly while sitting in the line up listening to conversations between surfers from all around the world just how first class this attraction really is.  No matter what language or cultural background, everyone  can agree the waves at “Playa Colorado’s” are incredible.  

After a heavy rainfall the river mouth at the southern end of Colorado’s will break loose depositing sediment. This sediment also known as a sandbar leads to the most beautiful and outrageous wave breaks. Typically known for its hollowing left hand breaks, on occasions and if your lucky Colorado’s also has amazing rights.  

Consistency, is just another benefit to this particular break.  Colorado’s conditions remain ideal 150 plus days a year.  Waist high waves are all this break needs to get started but is capable of holding double overhead. Northwest, west, or southwest swell while the tides are either rising or falling creates some ideal conditions for unforgettable waves. Playa Colorado’s has just been one of the many surf spots I have had the pleasure of exploring while being part of the team at Giant’s Foot Surf. If you have enjoyed the information in this blog please stay tuned for information on other locations or better yet come stay at Giant’s Foot Surf Tours and experience it for yourself.

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