Surfing Nicaragua

Surfing Nicaragua: Is it safe?

2018 has been a difficult year for Nicaragua. Fact.

There are some places you should not include in your travels while in Nicaragua. Fact.

There are some places you should absolutely visit in Nicaragua. Fact!

Every country has it’s problem areas. While living in Ontario, Canada I was always told, don’t hang around Jane and Finch in Toronto, especially at night. While traveling in Jamaica, in a “sketchy” area of Jamaica, I had a gentleman tell me, that someone told him to stay away from Jane and Finch in Toronto. This is not Canada’s best neighborhood. Fact.

Does that mean people should not travel within Ontario? Within Canada? Of course not.

Nicaragua has some problem areas, but that does not mean that you should not travel within Nicaragua. Exercise caution. Do your research. Monitor local media. Speak with locals. Always travel safe. And enjoy the beauty which countries all over the world have to offer!

Giant’s Foot Surf Tours

At Giant’s Foot Surf Tours we have had a number of guests come to stay at our surf lodge and surf with us in November and December. They all had the most incredible surf vacations! Check out reviews from our guests on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

Central America offers incredible surfing adventures with big swells common along the Pacific Coast most of the year. Costa Rica is great, but it can be very crowded, and it requires a larger budget. Nicaragua’s coconut brown beaches are the home of many incredible surf breaks, from Yanque to Playgrounds. And don’t forget, world famous Colorados, making Surfing Nicaragua a great choice for budget travelers.

Surfing Nicaragua is possible almost all year round. With Lake Nicaragua creating off-shore winds on the South Pacific coast for 300+ days of the year, there is almost always something firing! Our Nicaragua surf boat tours are key to reaching some of the best breaks on the Pacific coast!

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