Why is Giant’s Foot Surf the Best Camp in Nicaragua?

Because Giant’s Foot Surf Tours is About YOU!

All of your needs are met with Giant’s Foot Surf Tours.

Giant’s Foot Surf Tours is the best surf camp in Nicaragua, because we’re there every step of the way. In other words, we make your trip so smooth that you don’t worry about a thing!


Airport Transfers Covered.

We book your transfers, so there’s no researching logistics. No one wants to be hassled upon arrival by a mob of drivers, so our guy will be clearly present with a sign with your name on it.

Your comfort is key.

Comfort is important, so all our guests receive a private air conditioned room with private bathroom. There are hammocks outside, so if you feel the need for an outdoor siesta between your surf sessions, you got it!

The best location.

Certainly you want to spend your time in the water, not getting to the water. So having Vale la Pena steps from camp is your key to time savings. Our boat is always ready to take you to the best break of the day. We have 14 breaks at our disposal, so you will always be dropped off at the best! In additions, you’re in a boat, so there’s no paddling out! We will drop you off right in the line up!

Our boat tours put you right in the line up!

You will never go thirsty or hungry.

Our kitchen staff prepares all of your food, so you’ll never wonder where your next meal will be. Meals at camp are always plentiful and delicious. However, if you are still hungry after dinner, there is always dessert! Moreover, if you are snacky at any other time, we have a “help yourself” policy to anything in the kitchen.

We have options, so if you have dietary restrictions or allergies, let us know!

It’s hot, and you’ll be thirsty often, so the beer fridge and rum shelf will always be stocked! You may not want beer and rum with every breakfast, so there are also sodas, water, and juices available.

Ours is the only surf camp in Nicaragua to include all meals and all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages in your package price!

Additonal Activities at Low Cost

Many guests just want to surf, surf, and surf, so that’s what we do! However, if you find yourself wanting a small break from the surf breaks, that’s ok! You can swim or snorkel right out front of camp. So we’ll show you where you can grab snorkel gear from any time.

There’s a great hike to the top of Giant’s Foot peak just 100 meters down the beach, which is perfect for our epic sunsets.

Likewise, if you enjoy fishing, we have a room full of fishing rods, so let’s trail lines on the back of the boat! Ceviche anyone?

Our sunsets are LEGENDARY! The direction of our bay will always place the sunset right out front of camp, so you’ve got front row seats! Rarely do our sunsets score a rating less than a 9 out of 10!

Massage therapist available on site if you need to loosen up those muscles to prep for your next session!

Local yoga instructor who is happy to lead a class at any time!

Sunset cruise on a catamaran right out front in our bay can be organized for you.

There are teachers who can come to camp and provide Spanish lessons.

Want to tour a local farm by horseback or on an ox-cart? Done!


Forgot something? We have it!

Don’t worry if you forget to pack something. As long as you have your crave for surf, everything else can be found here! We have a boardroom full of boards at your disposal, so if you don’t want to bring boards, no problem! Snorkel gear? Bug spray? Shampoo? Sunscreen? Earplugs? We’ve got a collection that you are always welcome to, so pack what you can remember and relax!

Experience Guaranteed.

Our surf guides and instructors are all certified and experienced, so you will never be wondering where to go to catch the best waves. Our guides are Team On-it when it comes to getting you all the waves! We like to hit 3 sessions daily, so if you’re up for it, we’ll be heading back for a big breakfast and prepping to crush our second session when others are heading out to their first!

If you’re joining us for lessons, our instructors are certified and experienced with surfers of all skill levels and ages. They have incredible knowledge and love sharing your learning experience! They’ll give you the attention you need, as a result your skills will improve during your stay with us. There will never be more than 3 people with one instructor at a time. Most often we will be able to provide one on one instruction!

Always Available.

We want to make sure have everything you need, so you will always have contact with the camp managers. Camp managers are on site daily to make sure that everything is running smooth! You will be provided WhatsApp info for your managers in case you are ever in need of reaching them. Even if you just miss them and want them back at camp, stat, to share a drink, they will be there!

This is YOUR trip! This is YOUR adventure! Look no further for the best surf camp in Nicaragua. We are here for YOU!!

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