Happy New Year!

We are all sooooo ready to leave 2020 behind! Here’s to a prosperous 2021! Filled with barrels, burritos and beers at our surf haven.

Remember when?

Here’s a rad story about the first days of Giant’s Foot Surf Tours which was published in Esquire magazine’s, September 2005 issue. Over 15 years later the story of Giant’s Foot Surf Tours continues its epic journey!

Esquire Magazine – The Restless Man

Giant’s Foot Surf Tours – January 2021

What’s New? What’s Coming?

Here in the sleepy village of Playa Gigante, Giant’s Foot Surf Tours remains nestled at the end of the beautiful beach road. Awaiting your arrival! Our little surf haven.

The degree of fun? Still barrels! All day off shores are still blowing, the epic artist of nature always sculpting the beauty waves of the Pacific Nicaragua Coast!

Vale la Pena, after sinking twice during this one week in 2005?

…she’s still here!

Vale la Pena (Worth It!)

Our updates for you!

As of 2016, the road to Playa Gigante is now paved. You’re still secluded, but the trip from the airport is a little quicker. Beers will be ready to consume on the way to Gigante!

We did plan to have a yoga platform added this year, but we all know that many plans for this year did not come to fruition (eff you Covid). But, it is hopefully on its way very soon!

Join us for a lot of surf, cold beers, delicious food, and camaraderie. The camp has seen many changes in animals and surf guides since 2005 (many guides of which were animals in their own regard!).

If you’ve been to Gigante before you may know Kevin from his previous work at the Hostel – Gigante Bay. Kevin is now a full time surf instructor/guide at GFS and you’ll instantly love him as much as we all do! Kevin and El Captain Armando are two of the happiest men in this town, and it is infectious!

What else?

Meals will be provided by the incredible Lucresia, Ana and Esmerita. There’s no skimping on food around here! Nicaraguan cuisine, Americana, BBQ, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, we provide it all.

Maria is our full time “got it all covered” woman of the house. She keeps your rooms clean and she makes sure there is always enough beer ordered to keep the fridge stocked for you!

We will take you up and down the coast hitting any of 14 surf breaks accessible with Vale la Pena, 3 times a day if you’re up for it!

We have some discounts set up for 2021 so get in touch to find out.

Contact Tara on WhatsApp at +505 8277 5111 or giantsfoot@gmail.com to book your stay! 2020 has had it’s share of hardships all around the world. We hope to share some amazing adventures in 2021 to add a sense of balance.

Cheers to you all, may your 2021 by a year filled with good health, prosperity, much laughter and hugs, and epic waves!

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