So, You Want to go Surfing Colorados?

Dreaming about surfing Colorados in Nicaragua?

Discover the best surf spots with Giant’s Foot Surf. We spend many of our days surfing Colorados, Pangas, Popoyo, Santana, Manzanillo, Lance’s, Playgrounds, the list can go on!

In Nicaragua you can surf nearly all year. With more than 14 different breaks, there is almost always a good spot. The water is warm, plenty of swell and the wave consistency at high season is craved by many traveling surfers. If you are looking for barrels, you will have the best luck from May to September. With our boat we go along the pacific coast line to the best waves of each day.

Surfing Colorados

Looking for the world known clean barrels that can be found when surfing Colorados?

One of the most famous spots for barrels in Nicaragua is Playa Colorado. It is a private beach with only access by boat, if you’re not renting a house in the gated community that lines this beach break. Playa Colorado works best with SSW-SW swells. Nicaragua is known for almost steady off-shore winds year round. Over 300 days a year. The off-shore wind makes the face of the wave softer, so it makes it easier to do tricks! The wave height at Colorado will reach double overhead from May to August. The other months vary from 3 to 7 foot. There are right and left waves, making it perfect for regular and goofy footed surfers.

Surfing Popoyo

Another spot for bigger waves, is Popoyo. It is very popular and the waves are really playful. During the high surf season May to September, waves are around 7 foot. Here you’ll find rights and lefts on a soft beach bottom.

Surfing Other Spots in Nicaragua

Besides surfing Colorado and Popoyo, there are a number of other breaks with amazing waves. We often take our boat out to Panga Drops. Pangas is a bit less heavy than Colorado but the same fun. Another spot, which is the closest to our surf lodge, is Playa Amarillo. The wave set can contain overhead waves, but is often 2 to 5 foot for most of the year. Perfect for beginners or just a chill day of surfing. It is known for less crowded waves and works best during mid to high tide. Find more information about these and other surf spots on our website.

Come stay at our lodge to find all the best waves Nicaragua has to offer. You’ll be surfing Colorados, Panga Drops, Popoyo, Amarillo, Manzanillo and many others! Check our availability calendar here.

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