Want to Give Back to the Community of Playa Gigante?

There are a few ways to give to the community where you were (will be/wish you could be) surfing!

1. Christmas 2023

Giant’s Foot Surf Tours and Casa Ogo will be spearheading Christmas in Gigante this year. We are currently accepting donations for the Children’s Christmas celebration with Santa Claus. You can donate to the Christmas 2023 fund via PayPal HERE!

2. Playa Gigante, Beach Cleaning Brigade

The kids are all right! The brigade teaches kids to swim, surf, and keep beaches clean. The brigade began with Hernan leading the effort in Playa Gigante. Local kids clean up our two local beaches each week.

Local kids cleaning the beaches in Playa Gigante

Hannah Taylor, living in Playa Gigante, has taken the reigns of the brigade and she is keeping it going strong.

Experienced surfers mentor younger members of the brigade. As a first step, the younger generation is taught to swim, and then to surf. Kids clean beaches weekly for rewards like treats, swimming and surfing lessons, and funding for local competitions.

The kids say they want visitors to notice the beauty in Playa Gigante.

Funding needed for: Bags, Ice Cream treats after each cleaning, Salary for the older kids.

Message from Hannah

Hola community! Please support the BLG program to keep it alive. 

*An average of 25 kids participate in the beach cleanups 2x a week!

*18 kids have been able to benefit from the use of donated surf boards!

*Additional activities include monthly pool days and participation in regional surf competitions!

In addition to monetary donations, we also welcome in-kind donations such as used surf boards, wax, toys, and art supplies. Thanks to all donors for supporting our community cleaning brigade for the past two years. 

Send donations to Hannah via PayPal HERE! Send via Venmo HERE!

Find them on Instagram!

Gigante's Cleaning Brigade Kiddos

3. Projects of Playa Gigante

Khaki Weiters founded Projects of Playa Gigante to support various local needs. Some of the projects funded by the program include:

School Sponsorships.

$20 USD covers classes for a month. $40 covers classes and transportation for a month. Sponsors currently support 10 kids from Playa Gigante attending either secondary school or high school.

Christmas with Santa.

Each year your donations bring smiles to the faces of the local children at Christmas. Santa Claus distributes small gifts to the children every year.

Pet Medications and Medical Bills

We help ensure that pets in Playa Gigante get the medical attention they need.

Hurricane Relief

Heavy rainfall during the rainy season can cause local homes to need help with repairs, food donations, and clean water. Every little bit helps!

Donate to Give to Projects of Playa Gigante

If you have a specific project or cause, please specify your request with your donation.

Via PayPal HERE! Via Venmo HERE!

4. Visit and Join us to Surf!

Visit and support local businesses and residents to give back to the community! Discover our Surf Packages and experience the enchanting Playa Gigante. Come join us and see why many return time and time again! Don’t want to surf? Rent an AirBnB, a room, or join a Homestay to learn Spanish. Explore the town, buy a cocounut, some ceviche, a pupusa, an ice cream cone, a cerveza and walk down the clean beaches!

5. Tortugas de Tola

This area is known as the Tola Beaches. Community members from each of Tolas beaches have joined forces to help the endangered sea turtle population. Our goal is to do our best to protect this incredible creatures. From Guasacate to Gigante we have established nurseries and a presence of protection.

You can donate to support Tortugas de Tola via PayPal by sending to tortugasdetola@gmail.com

Mil gracias in advance from all of us here in the community of Playa Gigante, Nicaragua.