What is There To Do in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua?

Of course at Giant’s Foot Surf, we’re here to take care of all your surf needs! Every single one of them! So ask us about anything surf-related for Playa Gigante, Nicaragua.

Surfing Playa Gigante
Surfing Playa Gigante

Now, if you’re in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua and you’re not surfing, what ARE you doing? Let us show you what this beautiful fishing village has to offer! From lessons in Spanish to yoga, salsa dancing, fishing, cruising and cuisine!

Things to do in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

Beach – It’s a verb.

The main attraction of Playa Gigante is its picturesque beach. It’s known for its golden sands and relatively uncrowded, laid-back atmosphere. The beach is suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and, of course, surfing.

playa gigante sunset
Playa Gigante Sunsets

Spanish Lessons

If you’re hoping to take your Spanish skills to the next level, Pie de Gigante Spanish School is a great affordable choice. Beachfront in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua, Pie de Gigante offers intensive one-on-one or group classes.

Juan Delgado is the owner of the school and he knows how to maximize your time practicing while offering a comfortable environment to try out your new Spanish skills.

Pie de Gigante also offers homestays for immersion practice, and Off-campus or online classes if that better suits your schedule and location. Check out their website


While in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua you will find yourself among many yogis! There are a few locations within walking distance (the entire village is within walking distance, who are we kidding!) that offer guided yoga classes, including ourselves at Giant’s Foot Surf and Casa Ogo. There are also plenty of incredibly beautiful spaces where you can drop a mat and enjoy your own practice with amazing views!

The Palapa at Giant's Foot Surf
The Palapa at Giant’s Foot Surf


Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is a fishing village! You will see plenty of panga boats strewn down the beach of Gigante Bay. Many of these, including ours, will be willing to take you out for fishing trips! We often catch some mackerel, barracuda, needlefish, for good eating, and sometimes tuna! Jack Crevalle is also popular and really gives you a run for your money if you snag one! As about our fishing trips at Giant’s Foot!

fishing in playa gigante, nicaragua

Reiki Healing & Channeled Guidance

Natalie Namaste – Psychic, holistic intuitive healer, reiki master, yoga teacher and so much much more!


Check out lots of yummy local food stops and cerveza stops! Juntos Beach Bar, Blu Sol, Mama Lin’s, Margarita’s, El Pozo, Monkey House and more!


Offshore Sailing Tours can take you on a sunset cruise, a dinner cruise, or a local surf break.

There’s a little bit of magic in this cozy beach village that should not be missed! Reach out and ask us anything about our little slice of paradise here in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua!

Giant's Foot at Night
Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

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