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Look no further for your all-inclusive surf tour in Nicaragua! Giant’s Foot Surf Tours has you covered. Giant’s Foot Surf is one of Carve Mag’s Winter Surf Getaway picks for 2024.

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Guest Reviews at Giant’s Foot Surf – Your Choice for All-Inclusive Surf Tours, Nicaragua

In checking reviews, you will quickly find that GFS provides guests with the best surf trips of their lives!

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GFS is the only truly all-inclusive surf tour lodge in Nicaragua!

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Surf Boat Tours – Giant’s Foot Surf Tours – Surf Camps Nicaragua
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How GFS is always making surf travel easier for you!

  • Being one of the first surf camps established on this coast in 2004, we offer you the highest local expertise for surf tours in Nicaragua.
  • Our all-inclusive packages mean you don’t have to decide anything: where to eat, surf, sleep, or arrange how to get here.
  • We’re already on the beach! No need to walk or drive to see the best sunsets this coast has to offer.
  • Our boat is right out front. No need to walk or drive to start your boat trip to the best wave of the day.
  • Our boat is the closest boat to Manzanillo and Colorados surf breaks which are both only accessible by boat if you’re not in the private gated community.
  • Our boat can take you to any of a dozen surf breaks along the South Pacific Emerald Coast, creating your all-encompassing surf tours in Nicaragua.
  • We will always take you to surf the spot which is firing at its best and with the least crowds.
  • Our panga boat is shaded for your protection and has surfboard racks for your board’s protection.
  • Our meals are delicious and plentiful, and if you’re ever looking for a snack, we’ll show you the stash.
  • Our local expert English-speaking surf guides do the work so you don’t have to figure out where and when to surf.
  • Our all-inclusive surf tours Nicaragua price is the best price in the area and we truly mean all-inclusive while other places limit your “all”.
  • Our little fishing pueblo has the most chill vibe, ensuring your stay is stress-free.
  • Whether you’re a pure beginner, low or high intermediate looking to perfect your aerials, we’ve got your Surf Tours Nicaragua package.
All-inclusive surf Central America, Oceanfront Surf Lodge
all-inclusive surf in Central America

What is the GFS Vibe?

  • We’re not fancy but we’re 100% genuine and truly an all-inclusive surf destination
  • We’re super chill and laid back
  • Our guests become our family, which is why we have some of the highest return clientele
  • Our guests get the best surf experience based on their level.
  • This is YOUR vacation! That means:
    • If you want a massage we bring you a massage therapist
    • If you want yoga, we bring you a yoga instructor
    • If you want to fish, we go fishing from the boat
    • If you want to hike, we hike
    • If you only want to surf, then we only surf
    • If you want to wake surf behind the boat, then we wake surf behind the boat
    • If you just want to relax in the hammock, we won’t disturb you.
    • If we feel you want space, we ghost!
    • If you want to do shots of rum, we’ll do shots of rum. Salut!
    • If we claim to be the best all-inclusive surf in Central America, we will always strive to be the best

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