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Giant's Foot Surf Tours surf guides and guests

Giant Mission statement

Our vision is to offer a one-of-a-kind surf camp experience, giving our guests the best surf Nicaragua has to offer combined with the best hospitality.

We want to bring you back to the camaraderie of surfing!

We pride ourselves in running a surf camp that makes guests feel at home. Our clients always arrive as guest, and leave as friends. While feeling cozy and welcome, we also provide you with a high level of service.

If you're here to take Lessons, we're not here just to get you standing up long enough for a photo, we're here to teach you to surf! Paddling, reading waves, positioning and standing techniques.

Boat Tour guests who come to rip all the different surf breaks all day will be doing just that! We're here to take you to all the waves when they're firing at their best! We'll take you out for two surf sessions every day.

For our Intermediate Training guests, we're here to take your skills to the next level! With in-water coaching and video sessions with analytical breakdowns, you will leave our camp having progressed! That's a fact!

With the hard work of our surf lodge family, we continue to succeed in providing expert guidance with a personalized touch. We are your friendly hosts, knowledgeable surf buddies, and hard-working staff, all rolled into one!

Giant's Foot Surf Tours surf guides and guests

Meet the GFS Team!

Introducing Tara & Trevor

Meet the GFS Team!

Introducing Tara & Trevor

Surf Camp Owners/Managers

Tara and Trevor have been the owners of Giant’s Foot Surf Tours in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua since 2018. After taking on this company amid a tourism crash, they have created a thriving destination for surfers of all levels. Just check out these reviews on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor! Under their management, Giant's Foot Surf received the 2023 Best of the Best TripAdvisor Award.

Tara is your first point of contact with GFS. She’s dedicated to handling all logistics for your booking so you can arrive and focus on enjoying your trip. If you’re looking to explore additional activities during your vacation she’s the excursion specialist!

Trevor will give you the grand tour upon arrival, ensuring you know all the nooks and crannies of the lodge. Get ready for top-notch hospitality with a side of dad jokes to make your stay extra memorable!

Everyone will tell you that there is a special magic here in Playa Gigante, they're right!

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Wilber- Boat Captain

Also known as El Capi, Wilber is always ready to take you to the best breaks in our boat Vale La Peña. Previously a fisherman, he can help you catch some fish on your trip, as well as catching waves!

Our Guide Team

Kevin Gonzales – Head Surf Guide

"I was born in Nicaragua. To me, surfing means becoming one with the energy of the ocean and the vibes of the waves. It takes a lot of practice to find "the perfect wave". I enjoy sharing the waves and meeting new friends. You can give your heart a break, go surf, and just enjoy being present in the moment."

Carlos Velez – Surf Guide

Coming from Masachapa, East Nica, Carlos knows a thing or two about surfing in this country. You can’t miss him in the lineup with his signature laugh, hair flick, and style. He’ll always ensure you laugh, too. This man never forgets the post-surf drinks cooler!

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