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Surfing Nicaragua - World-class waves without world-class crowds.

Giant's Foot will always take you
to the best wave of the day!

Giant's Foot will always take you to the best wave of the day!

Experience surfing a variety of wave types and different breaks along the coast. With local knowledge, our surf guides will make your Nicaragua surfing trip hassle-free by ensuring you are in the right place at the right time. With GFS’s prime location and experienced surf team, we’ve mastered how to experience maximum surfing fun with minimal crowds.

You will be surfing the best waves around, every session. 


14 of the Best Southern Nicaragua Surf Breaks

14 of the Best Southern Nicaragua Surf Breaks

Be in the right spot at the right time.

We’re right on the beach in beautiful Playa Gigante! Only a short paddle to the boat and you’re on your way. Playa Gigante is centrally located for easy access by boat to breaks as far south as Playa Yanqui and as far north as Playgrounds as well as all of the breaks in between! Come and enjoy surfing Nicaragua with Giant's Foot Surf Tours!

Lance's Left
Panga Drops
Outer Reef
Surfing Nicaragua Surf Camp
Surfing Nicaragua Surf Camp

Up to 3 boat trips Daily

Our staff will happily wake you up for dawn patrol with coffee and cereal ready.

Giant's Foot Surf Tours is Team On-It! We take you out for a dawn patrol surf so you can maximize your day’s surfing potential while everyone else is still sleeping.

Bonus, we’ll have a hot breakfast waiting for you when you return.

What are you waiting for?

"Great Experience"

"I was at Giant's Foot for ~7 days and had a great time throughout my time there. Great waves, people, food, and overall experience. Jared, Kevin, Paul, and Carter made sure I got on the right waves for my skill level and were quick to offermuch-neededd pointers. I also went spearfishing with Conrad and Armando which was intense, but fun. Staying in Gigante made for an authentic Nicaraguan experience."

~ Sam 

What Makes Our Surf Camp the Best?

Our beautiful beachfront surf camp is designed to maximize your time outdoors.


Fresh Meals

Our meals are all homemade and delicious and are served outdoors in the shade. We have a great hammock area perfect to rest in after a long day of surfing.

Surfing Nicaragua Surf Camp

Burger Night

Guests love Burger Night. Tourists and local expats alike come to enjoy a juicy burger together. It’s Monday night only, and it’s a blast! Come to enjoy free beer and great company!

Surfing Nicaragua


Only a short paddle to the boat and you’re on your way to one of 14 of the best Nicaragua surf breaks. You won’t have to drive or walk to breaks, and you won't have to paddle out!

Surfing Nicaragua Surf Camp

Free Drinks

All beer, rum, & sodas are included! We don’t limit your beers to a certain number per day. If you manage to drink our fridge dry, we’ll make a special trip to town to restock!


Free Wifi

WiFi is available if you want to check in at home, check on business, or check the score. Just bring your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or other handy-dandy device and we’ll get you logged in.

Surf the Swells All Year Round

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